Tara One Complete


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Quick Facts

  • Includes a lace parting closure
  • Quality hair at an affordable price
  • Short lengths up to 6"
  • Easy to manage and groom

  • Essential Info

    Recommendations: Apply a light texturising hair spray and lightly scrunch the hair with your hands for a chic messy look.
    Type of hair: 100% Human Hair
    Type of product: Weave
    Lengths: 4" + 6" + lace parting closure
    Weight/pack: 108g
    Packs used for full head: All-in-one

    Majestic micro manes

    Enjoy loose curls that deliver the perfect shape and volume.

    Made with quality 100% Human Hair, Tara comes in 4 individual pieces in a variety of short lengths of up to 6” and lace parting closure piece to craft your own personalised crown. Enjoy a spectrum of natural colours and two tone combinations.

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