Empress Lace Wig


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Quick Facts

Box Braid Style, the braids are spilt into three even subsections and braided all the way down to the ends in medium sized strands.
  • Beautiful braids in seconds
  • Hand braided
  • Lace wig for a natural lookin finish
  • 100% Premium fibre

  • Essential Info

    Recommendations: Can be styled in a ponytail or updo.
    Type of hair: 100% Premium Fibre
    Type of product: Lace Wig
    Final Length: 29”
    Approx. weight: 377 g
    Approx. strand thickness: 10 mm

    Braids to go

    Enjoy stunning, wearable braids from root to tip in seconds. Empress makes beautiful braids easier than ever. This clever lace wig format guarantees an invisible hairline finish, while the hand braided style creates an authentic look and texture. Ponytails and updos are achievable too – the options are endless!

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