It's A Nail


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Quick Facts:

  • Easy-to-apply nail appliques
  • No dry time and quick to remove with nail polish
  • Made with 100% real nail polish, not sticker designs

  • Essential Info

    16 double-ended nail appliques per pack
    1 nail file

    Think outside the bottle!

    This 100% real nail polish applique design is not made of standard nail sticker stuff. Incorporated with a base and top coat, It’s A Nail! creates the perfect manicure and can be stretched with ease, without ever wrinkling, and filed to fit your own nail shape.

    How to use

      Remove clear cover. Select the size nail polish strips that best fit your nails. Then remove the clear covering, which helps seal and protect the strips.
      Remove nail polish strip. Gently peel the nail applique from its paper backing by pulling on the silver tab.
      Select end & remove silver tab. To use the other side of the double-ended nail appliqués, carefully break away the silver tab.
      Apply to nail & gently stretch to fit. Place and smoothen the appliqué on your nail until it is wrinkle-free, and gently stretch for a perfect fit. To realign or resize, peel off the nail strips, reposition and reapply.
      Remove excess. Crease the nail polish strip over the tip of your nail, and remove the excess by filing in a downward motion.

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