Cloud 9 Braided Lace Wigs


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Quick Facts:

  • Ultra soft and multi parting Swiss lace wig
  • Natural edges complete with baby hairs
  • 4 x 4 hand-tied parting with individually braided strands
  • Can be hot water set
  • Ruwa made with Aquatex® fibre from Kanekalon®

  • Essential Info

    Recommendations: Carefully cut the lace to suit the shape of the hair line.
    Type of hair: 100% Premium Fibre (Kanekalon)
    Type of product: Braided Lace Wig
    Weight / pack: 343g
    Length: 28"

    Fast & fabulous braided styles

    Made with a built-in Swiss lace front construction, the Cloud 9 Swiss Lace Wig delivers exceptional braided styles in a convenient wig format. Boasting all the latest fashionable looks from Box Braids, Passion Twists to Goddess Locs, the fit is comfortable as well as lightweight. Wearers have the ability to part the strands in any direction for versatility and a flawless finish.

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